Iron Man Tech | A Full Report From the Disneyland Exhibit

Iron Man Tech

Iron Man Tech | A Full Report From the Disneyland Exhibit

What do you think of Tomorrowland?  We’ve been talking a lot about this land lately it seems.  It’s future, what will work, what won’t work.  Should it be Marvel?  Should it be Star Wars?  Should it be neither and just stay the way it is?  Heck, the land has even come up as a major plot device in a new film (that is even called TOMORROWLAND!).  Enter Iron Man.

We get our first taste of what a  Marvel version of Tomorrowland might be like, albeit a very tiny little taste, with the new Iron Man Tech exhibit located at Innoventions in Disneyland.  I knew the exhibit was going to be a fairly simple one, with some of the Iron Man suits, perhaps some film props, and the interactive simulator portion that allowed you to put on the suit.  But what I didn’t know was that it was going to be madness!! Let me ask you this.  Did you ever believe that you would ever see THIS at Innoventions?

Iron Man Tech

That my friends, is what we call a LINE.  That’s a LINE at Innoventions.  Of people.  Waiting to go inside Innoventions.  On purpose!  But I go to fast.  Allow me to set the scene.

Iron Man Tech Exhibit

They have replaced the usual banners, which I rather like by the way, with some Iron Man appropriate banners.  These look cool too though.  Oh, and the lines again…yikes.

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But still, it’s kind of plain.   And it is there we waited, for over an hour, just to get in to the building.  And it was a LONG hour, let me tell you.  The hour wasn’t so much because there were a lot of people, which there were.  But because the line didn’t move.  At point, we were completely stopped for what had to be 15 minutes.  Then we crept along until we finally made it inside the building…to wait some more.  This was due to a line formed to wait for the Iron Man suit simulator.  The Disney Ninja took this one on.

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While waiting for our turn on the simulator, we saw a small display with some film props.  I rather liked this one.

Iron Man Tech

The  main attraction for me though was getting the chance to photograph and film the Iron Man suit up close and personal.  And bonus…it was in a very poorly lit and crowded environment.  So that was cool.  But they turned out ok I think.  I won’t be winning any Pulitzers though.  First is the hall of armor.

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Here’s something I didn’t notice until I started editing the photos.  Iron Man appears to be getting taller.  Pause on the 5th pic to see what I mean.

Finally, the most recent suit was displayed front and center, and I gotta say, it was very photogenic.

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I love taking pictures, but sometimes a video speaks.  Here’s the complete tour.

[do action=”add-youtube” width=”600″ height=”360″ youtubeid=”Ittz39p2QZA”/]

Iron Man Tech | A Full Report

So that’s the Iron Man exhibit.  I rousing success if you ask me.  Based on this little sample, I believe it now to be a fair bet that some kind of makeover will be fast tracked for Tomorrowland.  Maybe not Stark Expo, or even Marvel.  But what is obvious is that there is a definite appetite for this among Disney fans.  In fact, they’re just waiting for it.

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  1. Michelle Reply

    I would love to see Tomorrowland stay generic or Disney/Pixar. I do really like the Star Tours ride. I don’t know if it’s just the really girly girl in me, but I’d rather not have Marvel. I think space type stuff, futuristic stuff, flying cars ( I don’t have very good ideas) I like to be nostalgic and keep with the original theme, the idea of Tomorrowland was to dream of how life will be in the future. (At least that’s what I assume) I’m sure they will make it great no matter what they do! The Tron ride idea sounds fun! Another roller coaster type of ride would be great in Tomorrowland. I hope they redo the area a section at a time. NO matter what, I’ll still love Disneyland 🙂

    • David Erickson Reply

      As long as the design is immersive, and not just an overlay, I’ll be happy with Pixar, Marvel, or Star Tours. If they’re going to do it, they need to do it completely.

      • Mark Reply

        I hope they bring something like this to Disney World

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