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Fresh Baked BiosDavid Erickson: Chief Videographer, Photographer and Writer

David has long been a fan of all things Disney, including the parks, the films, and television shows.  This appreciation evolved most recently to this website where he’s happy to provide photos, video, and articles on Disney and its affiliates.  David has logged more than 120 visits to Disneyland over the last 3 years, and more than 1,000 hours of park time.

Fresh Baked BiosCandi Erickson: Fresh Baked Co-host and Creative Consultant

Candi has also been a longtime fan of all things Disney, joining David a few years ago in beginning a very serious love of the park.  Candi has logged roughly 50 visits to the parks over the last years and provides invaluable assistance in the creative direction of the Fresh Baked Disney website.

Fresh Baked BiosThe Disney Ninja

The Disney Ninja’s job is to be the Disney Ninja.  He is the pulse of Fresh Baked Disney, keeping us young and fun and full of energy.  He is our inspiration and the best kid in the whole wide world.  We love you Disney Ninja!


Sara Romey: Fresh Baked Co-Host, Writer, Photographer, and Instagram Maven

Sara Romey has been a lifelong fan of all things Disney. Most especially, our beloved theme parks here in Anaheim, California. Born & raised in SoCal and a regular AP Holder since birth, Sara has had the pleasure of watching Disneyland change and grow for the past 23 years. She enjoys adventures at the parks and delivering every inch of Disney that our fans request!